Workplace Chargers

Air pollution in the UK is at an all time high and is attributed to be the cause of a high number of deaths each year. One of the main contributory factors to this poor air quality is the use of highly polluting diesel and petrol vehicles used in our urban areas . Yet we have the solution with Electric Vehicles (EVs) which don’t emit anything.

Electric vehicle technology has largely overcome early challenges so implementing these new, emission free technologies offers a highly visible, economical and sustainable solution.

Uptake of EVs has been relatively slow, due in some part to misconceptions such as limited range (known as range anxiety) however EVs are no longer ‘milk floats’ and can now outperform their petrol/diesel counterparts.

Chargers make EVs feasible as 95% of all journeys are less than 25 miles. Most EVs will drive 110 plus miles on a single charge. ​Wouldn’t you choose an EV if you could charge every time you park?


EV Market

The EV market is one of growth, there are currently 155,000 plug in cars and 5,500 plug in vans. Predictions are that this figure will exceed 1 million within 2 years as range in terms of choice and in terms of distance both increase.

However there is a chronic shortage of charging points to meet this demand with only 16,500 rapid chargers currently which equates to 43 EV’s for every charger - that’s a shortfall of 83%

Why Choose Our Solution?

As EV’s benefit society there are generous financial incentives, plus other benefits which gives organisations the impetus to get involved:

Why do we Need Charging Points?

Incentives for Employees

Petrol Ford Focus Electric Nissan Leaf Additional Costs based on 12000 miles per year
Cost of purchase £18,000 £21,000
Car Tax £140 £0 £140
Service £175 £85 £90
Cost per mile £0.16 £0.08 12000 £960
Company Tax Charge £3,000 £0 £3,000
£23,235 £22,045
All costings are approximate and for illustration purposes only £4,190

N.B This could also include savings on congestion charges where applicable

Advantages of Workplace Chargers

Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility plan.

Attract customers who can charge at your destination.

Reduce impact of your fleet.

Help staff reduce environmental impact.

One Environment - One Chance
Driving Clean air for the next generation

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