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We consider the following for a future-proof low emission strategy and effective charging infrastructure:

For Low, Ultra Low, or Zero Emission Zones

Reducing or removing emissions, whether mandated or voluntary - Electric Blue can help with clean air zone implementation, and ongoing management. Using our vehicle analysis service, we can additionally track vehicles to demonstrate how often the zone is being accessed.

Build your strategy

Numbers of low emissions vehicles are rising, along with the need for accessible charging points. Electric Blue helps to build a strategy that will continue to meet the requirements of an increasing audience. Decisions are made that are not only fit for your present purposes, but with the future of low emissions transport in mind.

Our strategy is to prepare you for the future of zero emissions.

Where Electric Blue provide energy to a charger, we will only ever provide energy from 100% renewable sources through our partners.

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1: Discovery

Through consultation, we listen to understand your needs.

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Understand the benefits

2: Analysis

Prove the feasibility of EVs with our telematics & fleet analysis.

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A tailored business model

3: Strategy & Infrastructure

Grow with future demand in mind.

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Right Charger, Right Location

4: Installation

We handle all installation logistics for a smooth transition.

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Drive EV Uptake

5: Empower

Engage with the local community to reach your air quality goals.

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Enable growth

6: Operation

We provide full operational management.

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Designs & Developments

7: Innovation

Electric Blue innovations driving EV technologies forward.

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Our strategy is to prepare you for the future of EVs

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