The range of electric vehicle (EV) chargers is growing, and with differences in charger speed, connector type, and number of users, we understand the decision may be confusing. That’s why we offer a complete installation service, to allow you peace of mind throughout the entire process.


We are not tied to any specific equipment manufacturer so you can be assured that we will only select and install the best equipment for your requirements. All our chargers are fully OCCP compliant, so they can be managed by any OCCP compliant operator. We have a wide range of payment options including RFID Card, our own App and contactless credit card.

ALL ELECTRIC BLUE CHARGERS ARE POWERED BY 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY - you can breathe easily knowing that our chargers are further removing harmful air pollutants from urban areas.

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The main types of EV chargers available are rapid, fast, and slow - please see below for a simplified overview of these charger types:

Rapid Chargers - Ideal for where fast turnaround is required, rapid chargers will typically charge a 40kW battery to 80% in 30 minutes. Rapid chargers have two standard connector types CCS (Euro Standard) or CHAdeMo (Asian Standard). Vehicles must have the appropriate rapid-charging ability, which is easy to determine with your vehicle manual. Most rapid chargers include a third connector (Type 2 Fast Charger) which will charge as per below.

*We recommend rapid chargers for need based usage, taxi, last mile delivery fleet and main route service areas.

Fast Chargers - For locations that offer long-term stays, fast chargers can charge a 40kW battery to 80% in 5-6 hours. Most EVs accept the Type 2 connector, and power is supplied via AC on all fast chargers. For larger battery types, these chargers can offer a home-charging solution.

*We recommend fast chargers for long-stay car parks, leisure centres, or workplaces.

Slow Chargers - Charging times vary, but a slow charger will typically charge a 40kW battery to 80% in 8-10 hours. Most slow chargers have Type 2 connectors, or can be tethered with a Type 1 connector. Suitable for all plug-in EVs, slow chargers deliver via AC supply.

*We recommend slow chargers for home charging, or overnight fleet depots.

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