Demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing. So too, is the need for innovative technologies to overcome EV barriers. Our current services meet present and future demand, but what of the greater challenges of feasible EV solutions for a wider audience?

We know that the EV market will continue to flourish and evolve, and we are preparing for this future. Innovation is our space for design and development. Here, we are bringing you the means to take your EV journey into the future.

EVs getting fuel


We use telematics and geo-fencing, outperforming the outdated technologies of cameras and ANPR. These technologies allow for more flexible management, assessment and pricing of the zone, in real time. Contact us today to find out how we can help to implement and manage your Clean Air Zone.


An intelligent management system, enforcing the proper usage of charging parking bays. Get in touch with our team to discuss this concept further.


As well as developing our own Electric Blue technologies, we can help support your integration with other sustainable products. Including solar panels and battery storage, our aim is to help you achieve a completely sustainable system.

Make sure you keep up-to-date with our developments by checking our website regularly. As our technologies advance, they’ll be added to our regular services, providing you with the most recent resolutions for all your EV needs.

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1: Discovery

Through consultation, we listen to understand your needs.

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2: Analysis

Prove the feasibility of EVs with our telematics & fleet analysis.

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A tailored business model

3: Strategy & Infrastructure

Grow with future demand in mind.

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Right Charger, Right Location

4: Installation

We handle all installation logistics for a smooth transition.

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Drive EV Uptake

5: Empower

Engage with the local community to reach your air quality goals.

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Enable growth

6: Operation

We provide full operational management.

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Designs & Developments

7: Innovation

Electric Blue innovations driving EV technologies forward.

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Electric Blue driving EV innovation forward

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