Want to know how to improve Air Quality in your local Community?

There are an estimated 40,000 UK deaths per year attributed to poor air quality, one of the main causes (25% of all emissions) being highly polluting diesel and petrol vehicles. As local authorities look for answers in dealing with this issue, taxis which are directly controlled by the local authority, represent a simple first target. Taxis accumulate high mileages in urban centres so if they ‘go electric’ the local authority delivers immediate environmental benefits by reducing emissions and additionally raises confidence in the wider community about EVs in general.

Electric vehicle (EV) technology has largely overcome early challenges so implementing these new, emission free technologies offers a highly visible, economical and sustainable solution. Uptake of electric vehicles has been relatively slow, due in some part to misconceptions such as limited range (known as range anxiety) - EVs are no longer ‘milk floats’ and can now outperform their petrol/diesel counterparts

How it works

Telematic devices are installed in taxis and record accurate GPS position (within 2 metres). Data is then processed and individual vehicle reports produced and securely published to a web portal for drivers, operators and the Local Authority licensing team to access and view their own datasets and personalised journey maps. The reports show vehicle usage data over the period monitored with analysis as to the feasibility of doing the same journeys in an e-Taxi, data includes:

  • Mileage driven and time vehicle was turned on.
  • Routes driven.
  • Locations and times of vehicle idling.
  • Location and times when vehicle is turned off.
  • Emissions created - Carbon and NOx

This data analysis for multiple sampled vehicles, when extrapolated over the whole Local Authority taxi fleet, provides the locations of suitable charging solutions to support e-Taxi conversion.


Reports are produced for drivers, operators and Local Authorities (Taxi Licensing, Air Quality Manager etc).

The driver will receive a one page report with map, collated data and summary of feasibility and economic savings. The savings are based on a direct comparison of their real journeys if they had driven an e-Taxi. By using database statistics including accurate costs of fuel, we show the savings, which can be considerable for high mileage taxis.

As well as the savings associated with day to day running costs, there are the additional economic benefits of using electric vehicles such as discounted Taxi Licensing fees, savings on maintenance and servicing and the more obvious environmental impacts, with a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides and the overall improvement to air quality that driving an e-Taxi can bring. The database we use for vehicle comparison also allows us to also show vehicle emissions that could have been saved if the analysed journeys have been completed in an e-Taxi.

The Local Authority report contains real life data on the sampled taxi fleet, including mileage, trip lengths, a “heat mapping” for routes to show usage patterns, parking versus idling and vehicle emissions, extrapolated across the total taxi fleet. Our consultation will also provide recommendations for number and type of chargers and their locations.

Tracking Program

Tracking Analysis

EVolve Benefits

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Prove the model

1: EVolve

Get real world data to prove viability.

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Drive the Demand

2: Driver Engagement

Support programs to educate and drive uptake

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Prove the model

3: e-Taxi Demo Program

Test Drive e-Taxis

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Support the change

4: Rapid Chargers

First two chargers to support early adopters

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Drive the Demand

5: The LA 'Electrify' Program

Growth in line with demand

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Support the change

6: Rapid Chargers

Growth in line with e-Taxi demand

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Drive the Demand

7: Clean Air Zones

Manage and enforce taxi electrification

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Evolve - Making a business case for Taxis to go Electric

We utilise vehicle telematics to map taxi journeys - the data proves the viability of using an Electric Taxi (e-Taxi) on the majority of routes and presents the business case for drivers to convert to electric.

We provide you with a detailed report that demonstrates e-Taxi feasibility, potential emission savings and recommendations for a rapid charger network to support the change.

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