Encouraging widespread uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) is our main goal, and we want to help you energise this action within your communities. With initial charging infrastructure in place, and your EV strategy building momentum, it is time to drive EV demand.

Electrify - our exciting campaigns are bringing the clean air benefits of EVs to urban areas across the country. Working with local authorities on their clean air initiatives, we are showcasing EV champions in your local area, to encourage greater support from businesses, organisations and residents. Visit the Electrify page to see where, and how, Electrify is accelerating the change.

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EVents - Dispelling myths and presenting solutions to common barriers is key to wider EV uptake. Concerns surrounding range anxiety and a lack of general knowledge of EVs highlights the importance of continued education for increased driver awareness. With a variety of different EVents - forums, workshops, EV demos - we can assist you in dispelling myths, changing mindsets, and normalising EVs. Read about our latest forum here, to see how we engaged with the community in the North-East.

EV Trials - Will an EV fulfill my driving requirements? How much will I have to change my driving practices? Are EVs really as fantastic as Electric Blue claim? All these questions, and more, can be answered by trialling an EV - and we are confident that all drivers, and passengers, will have a great experience. An EV trial allows drivers to be fully confident in their decision, before making the transition to electric.

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How can the EV market appeal to, and accommodate, a wider audience? Electric Blue have on-hand a range of community engaging services, to help promote the benefits of EVs, and reach clean air goals for urban areas. Local authorities are in prime position to take the lead and champion cleaner, greener technologies, and we are committed to helping make that happen. Spearheading the transition to EVs, local authorities are welcome to utilise our expertise to demonstrate how EVs can benefit all in the wider community.

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