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The Electric Blue ‘Electrify Your City’ Campaign

Changing conventional petrol and diesel taxis to zero emission electric taxis (e-Taxis) is a fundamental goal of our ‘Electrify Your City’ campaign. By changing to e-Taxis your inner city air quality will improve by the reduction of harmful carbon and nitrous oxide tailpipe emissions, thereby improving the health of a cities population.

However overcoming misconceptions about e-Taxis and the inertia of the taxi driving community is a significant challenge, and one that is best addressed by showing the positive upside demand for e-Taxis from a cities business and residential users, thereby providing the evidence of demand with more needed to effect change.

The first of these schemes was piloted in partnership with Watford Borough Council and is to be rolled out to UK cities already investing in the promotion of e-Taxis.

The campaign provides an opportunity for businesses and the local community to engage with local taxis to promote a more sustainable and healthier city without any additional cost. We ask them to commit to using taxi operators that run Electric Vehicles in their fleet.

Businesses supporting the initiative will benefit from the positive association through the campaign on social media, website and other local communication channels.

Why Electrify?

“The adverse impact on public health caused by pollution costs the UK economy more than £20bn a year.” (Bazian NHS Choices)

In the UK 40,000 premature deaths each year are attributable to exposure to outdoor air pollution (Royal College of Physicians Report 2016)

Transport accounts for around a quarter of UK greenhouse gas emissions and affects air quality at the roadside. (Department for Transport)

The UK is second in Europe (only behind Italy) in the league table of highest number of deaths resulting from nitrogen dioxide pollution (the UK had 11,940 premature deaths from nitrogen dioxide).” (Guardian)

Taxis are a significant contributor to many cities toxic air quality.

Which one would you chose?


This taxi produces 10 times more toxic air pollution than heavy trucks and buses and it directly affects climate change.


This taxi emits 0% toxic air and does not harm the climate.

Target Audiences

Our partners in these campaigns cover three categories

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Start your journey

Prove the model

1: EVolve

Get real world data to prove viability.

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Drive the Demand

2: Driver Engagement

Support programs to educate and drive uptake

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Prove the model

3: e-Taxi Demo Program

Test Drive e-Taxis

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Support the change

4: Rapid Chargers

First two chargers to support early adopters

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Drive the Demand

5: The LA 'Electrify' Program

Growth in line with demand

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Support the change

6: Rapid Chargers

Growth in line with e-Taxi demand

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Drive the Demand

7: Clean Air Zones

Manage and enforce taxi electrification

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'Electrify your city' Marketing Programme

This local business support is promoted and provides an incentive to encourage local taxi companies to change to using EVs.

We run a marketing and communications campaign to engage with local businesses to support this initiative, by asking local business to commit to giving their custom to taxis operators that promote and run electric taxis, as part of their corporate social responsibility

We market the campaign by creating a website unique to your city, use of social media, and work with local educational establishments, to provide work experience opportunities for students to engage with local businesses.

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