Electrify your city

Bring electric vehicles (EVs) into the public eye with our new, exciting campaign, specifically personalised for your city. With the Electrify movement, we aim to help you spread awareness of EVs, and encourage the whole community to join you on your electric revolution. We want to work with you, the local authority, to bring Electrify to your city, and allow you to demonstrate your commitment to cleaner air for your communities.

Local businesses can act as EV ambassadors by signing up to Electrify (at no cost) and demonstrating their commitment to using EVs where possible. Businesses supporting Electrify can add our logo to their website, proving their environmental credentials and appealing to the eco-conscious customer.

Local residents can also join the rEVolution by choosing electric when given the option - be that an electric taxi, or a company which delivers via EV. Take a look at our Electrify regions that launched in 2019.

Electrify raises awareness of the benefits of EVs across business and residential communities and, by encouraging local support, we are promoting the demand for EVs to be available and accessible, right on your doorstep.

Petrol/diesel or electric, which would you choose?


This taxi produces 10 times more toxic air pollution than heavy trucks and buses and it directly affects climate change.


This taxi is emissions free and does not harm the climate.

To read more about our trailblazing Electrify campaign in Watford, visit our case studies:

Electrify Your City

Who we engage with

We are particularly keen to speak to taxi firms and their drivers (including self-employed and private hire vehicles). We are also interested to engage with small and medium businesses who use road vehicles for commercial purposes.

Cost Free, High Impact

A no-cost endorsement - allow us to highlight your commitment to clean air by granting us permission to show your company logo on our dedicated Electrify website.

Give Customers a Green Choice

A no-obligation movement - by showcasing local EV ambassadors, your customers will have a choice of EV when, and where, possible. Electric Blue will be on hand to support you with how to explain and provide information on EVs to your staff and customers.

Powering positive change

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