Why change to e-Fleet?

With most vehicle manufacturers working on emission free models, the range and performance of electric vehicles (EVs) has accelerated in recent years. With fleets clocking up impressive annual mileages, running EV’s can provide huge benefit from the substantially lower running costs that they bring, plus a big green tick for our environment. EVs are far kinder on your wallets, they don’t use petrol or diesel and have around one third of the moving parts compared to non-electric vehicles, so less service costs. They also mean zero road tax and no congestion charge! By drastically reducing your cost - to as little as 2p per mile - it will result in substantial savings and is part of everyone’s social responsibility.

Also with the Government’s focus on reducing our air pollution there are grants available to assist in this transition.

How it Works?

Electric Blue’s e-Fleet service is a simple three stage process which is fully managed by our experienced team to make your e-fleet a reality. We will undertake an assessment of the current fleet with the use of telematics. Then using this assessment data,we will conduct a trial of an EV and chargers. We will then work with you to build the EV adoption strategy into the fleet.


The assessment is based on either current vehicle data if available or installation of plug and play telematic devices.

This will identify potential routes and vehicles suitable for EV replacement.

It allows development of your business case for EV’s - using your real operational data for example for emissions, financial savings and will identify charger requirements.

This allows ease of route and fleet optimisation - from our experience it typically offers 10 - 20% saving in operational cost. (see sample data below)

Improving Air Quality Through Fleet Electrification


Fleet section Annualised fuel savings Annualised S&M savings (1) Annual VED savings (2) Total annual savings
e-Fleet assessed (10.96%) £15,221.52 £719.86 £1,920.00 £17,861.38
Full fleet conversion (extrapolated) £173,144.76 £12,282.59 £21,840.00 £207,267.35


The next stage is to trial, building on the assessment data, this is a fully supported trial of EV(s) and associated charging structure.

The objectives are to:

EV Adoption

Building on the trial data Electric Blue will work with you to develop the EV adoption strategy, including Vehicle selection, Charging infrastructure design, delivery and ongoing project management, It also includes access to the dashboard for ongoing fleet monitoring and planning.


In summary e-Fleet will

Improve your organisations environmental credentials

Substantially reduce your fleet running costs

e-Fleet provides you with the data and analysis to make decisions backed with real world evidence

It gives you the tools to plan the right charging infrastructure to support your fleet

Supports communication of change to your drivers

Improves support and communication with the wider organisation.

One Environment - One Chance.
Driving Clean air for the next generation

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