Clean Air Zones

The need for Clean Air Zones (CAZ)

The need for Clean Air zones in being driven by the Government as urban areas and trunk roads fall foul of the European Air Quality laws, local authorities are required to produce Management Plans to show how they will improve local Air Quality. With Taxis being ae a significant contributor to many cities toxic air quality targeting this sector will bring quicker results. Our Clean Air Zone system will improve the way the Clean Air Management plan can effectively manage some of the vehicles in the zone.

How it works

DEFRA assists you the local authority to create a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) by providing grants to regulate, as a minimum, taxis and buses.

The local authority would generally adopt technology that DEFRA knows works - Camera and ANPR, this allows management for Congestion charging as the technology monitors when a vehicle enters or leaves a zone, however it is not able to monitor what a vehicle does whilst it is in the area.

Current Solution - Camera and ANPR is not totally fit for purpose


Coventry map

If a vehicle has a telematic device installed we can say what the vehicle is doing whilst inside the zone. This allows you to then manage those vehicles in the zone to enable a fairer costing e.g. Is a Hybrid driving on petrol or electric in the zone. The telematic is very granular and gives that amount of visibility. This allows for drivers to be charged for the time in the zone, mileage and pollution they put out. This is proven to be a far more effective method of implementing and managing your CAZ above camera and ANPR as it is an accurate tool rather than a blunt one.

This accurate tool can act as a standalone or as a supplement to Camera and ANPR. and provides you with a pollution based pricing system. Every taxi would have a an approved telematic device fitted as part of the licensing agreement

So we have - Alternative or Supplemental to Camera and ANPR

The Electric Blue Clean Air Zone launched with Coventry City Council an Innovate UK Funded R&D project - 7 month feasibility study with pilot of technology, which completed in March 2018


Flexible management

Flexible User Pricing

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Prove the model

1: EVolve

Get real world data to prove viability.

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2: Driver Engagement

Support programs to educate and drive uptake

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Prove the model

3: e-Taxi Demo Program

Test Drive e-Taxis

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4: Rapid Chargers

First two chargers to support early adopters

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5: The LA 'Electrify' Program

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7: Clean Air Zones

Manage and enforce taxi electrification

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e-Taxi Demo - Proving that e-Taxis work to the taxi driving community

Telematics and Geofences

Drastically reducing the cost and speed of deployment verses cameras and ANPR

Flexible Management

Real time zone management of location, date, time and air quality

Flexible Pricing

Allows zone pricing based on time, mileage and carbon emissions

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