For local authorities and fleet management, our fleet analysis service proves how electric vehicles (EVs) can work for you. For the uptake of EVs in fleets and taxi firms across the country, the process needs to be accessible, and proven to be viable for all. EVolve and E-Fleet fleet analysis shows you how adopting EVs into your fleet carries huge economical benefit, from local authorities to self-employed drivers, whilst directly impacting the local air quality.

EVolve will quiet any concerns surrounding range and feasibility of EVs for your fleet purposes, and offer you a business case for a highly visible, economical and sustainable solution.


Using available data from your own telematics, or specially-installed Electric Blue telematic devices, we record accurate GPS positioning to monitor current driving practices of your fleet.

Data includes:

The database we use for vehicle comparison allows us to show vehicle emissions that could have been avoided if the analysed journeys had been completed in an EV; essential information for meeting local air quality targets, or boosting your business’s green credentials.

This data analysis takes place for multiple sample vehicles. When extrapolated over an entire fleet, the analysis provides recommendations of the best locations for suitable charging solutions to support your EV conversion - whether this is at your fleet depot, or hotspots within your city centre.


Reports are produced for drivers, fleet managers and local authorities; including, but not limited to: Taxi Licensing, Air Quality Managers, Environmental Health departments. For those who receive multiple driver reports, all driver information is anonymised to ensure private information is not shared.

The driver receives a one page report with a map, collated data, a summary of feasibility, and the projected economic savings. The savings are based on a direct comparison of their real journeys if they had driven an EV. By using database statistics, including accurate costs of fuel, we are able to show the saving potential afforded by changing to an EV. These savings can be considerable for high-mileage vehicles.

The fleet manager receives all individual driver reports, along with an additional page compiling the entire fleet analysis. Here, the savings show the potential economic and environmental benefits across the fleet.

The Local Authority report contains the same sets of data as above, plus an additional “heat-mapping” to indicate particular routes and the usage patterns associated with them. Our analysis also provides recommendations for the number and type of chargers, and where they should be located.

The image below shows hot-spots where taxis wait between 30-60 minutes, providing a perfect charging opportunity.



The next stage is a fully supported trial of EV(s) and associated charging infrastructure.

The objectives are to:

Analyse the benefits that EVs can bring to you

Powering positive change

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