Powering Positive Change

We’re an independent company. Our experts evaluate your needs, before recommending the best options, to get more people driving electric vehicles with confidence.

Where Electric Blue provide energy to a charger, we will only ever provide energy from 100% renewable sources through our partners, GoodEnergy.

Journey to Electric

Electric Blue offers you a full fleet of services which can be tailored to take you on your journey to electric.

Whilst our services are designed to support you at every stage of the journey, and guide you towards a clean air society, we understand that not all of our products are essential for every customer. This is why we work in partnership with you, to offer our professional expertise and construct your very own service plan.

Your journey to electric does not have to follow the same path as others; our services are designed to complement each other, so any combination, in any order, can help you to achieve your clean air goals. You can decide to join us at any stage of the journey and be confident in our solutions - provided at the correct time, in the correct place.

Explore our services below to join the rEVolution.

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