Electric Blue in partnership with Coventry City Council has set up a trial for the city’s taxi drivers to rent a zero emission electric taxi (e-Taxi) whilst they consider the benefits of converting to an electric vehicle permanently. Alex Calnan, Electric Blue’s Founder, says that offering “try before you buy” is an exciting concept. “For many people driving an EV is too much of an unknown and in the taxi arena drivers often haven’t been in an EV and aren’t aware of the benefits and how feasible it is”

Following successful trials in Herts, Coventry taxi drivers are being offered the opportunity to step out of their petrol or diesel vehicle and try a fully licenced e-taxi from Electric Blue for couple of weeks to see if they can be converted to a new way of thinking.

Electric Blue estimates that a driver could typically be £3,000 a year better off, based on a driver doing about 30,000 miles and an EV being at least 10p per mile more cost effective. These projected savings are based on an analysis of Coventry taxi drivers annual mileage, which has been gathered through vehicle telematics.

For drivers taking part in the scheme training is provided so they know how to operate the vehicles and EV charge points, with Electric Blue remaining on hand to support throughout the trial.

“We want the drivers to trial an e-taxi with confidence so that we can persuade them that converting to electric is a sensible and financial sound option,” explains Alex. An essential part of giving these drivers confidence is also giving them access to reliable charging technology, which is why we are partnering with eVolt.” The reliability of the charging infrastructure is imperative for any EV driver, even more so for a taxi as their income is dependent on time on the road, so they want to know that a charger is always going to be operational and the eVolt chargers have an excellent track record.

The trial starts in Summer 2018.

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