The end of 2018 was a busy time for Electric Blue, with growing interest and uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) across the country. For the latest figures of our EV impact in Cambridge, read the full round-up here.

Thanks to our EVolve fleet analysis service, you’ve already seen that Fylde Council is one of those local authorities stepping up to the call for climate action. But we’ve also recently finalised EVolve assessments in Oldham, and Brighton & Hove too. Phew! That’s another three councils who are taking action, and demonstrating their commitment to improving air quality for their local constituents.

Using our EVolve service, fleets can gain insightful understanding of the current functionality of their fleet vehicles, through accurate recording and assessment of emissions, mileage, running costs and stopping points. Councils are extremely pleased with the financial and practical detail that our analysis, and resulting reports, provide them with. Project partners feel it is an effective tool for understanding both the feasibility and benefits of transitioning to electric fleet vehicles.

As well as quantifying the air quality improvement, EVolve also allows us to plot an accurate heat-map of prime stopping locations, which evidences a number of sites for EV charger locations - highly useful in the planning of infrastructure installation.

But, don’t just take our word for it. You can read the full reports here for Fylde, Oldham and Brighton and Hove.

EVolve is fantastic for councils to understand their local taxi community, and ensure that new regulations and infrastructure are minimal in their disruption to the regular working routines of taxi drivers. As one taxi driver from Brighton admitted, “I was very sceptical at the start of this assessment as I did not believe that it would be possible to change to an electric vehicle. I thought it was the council just trying to bring in more regulations.” After taking part in the assessment, and seeing their own personal data, even stalwart non-beliEVers are swayed, “I can clearly see that it could be possible and that it wouldn’t affect my life too much if the chargers were available. I will be telling other drivers about this experience and thank the council for giving me the opportunity to be involved.”

But, let’s remember that EVolve is equally beneficial for the assessment of councils’ own fleet vehicles. Here at Electric Blue, we are strong believers in leading by example, especially when on the forefront of tackling air pollutions, and want more councils to follow their own advice. Brighton and Hove Council discovered that EVs are a feasible alternative for council vehicles, so will we see more councils following in their footsteps?

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