The Cambridge Rapid Charger Network is being brought to local residents in a bid to tackle rising health issues caused by petrol and diesel vehicle emissions. The network launched in October, with the first eight rapid chargers already installed, and providing emissions-free journeys, around the city centre.

Cambridge City's First Charge

Cambridge City Council have an exciting vision: to convert all taxis to electric (or low emission vehicles) by 2028. This can only be achieved with the successful implementation of appropriate charging infrastructure; a plan which Electric Blue is proud to be spearheading. As of October, the chargers have provided more than 7,500 emission-free miles, and as the remaining chargers are installed, this number will continue to increase. Every mile driven in an EV equals fewer harmful pollutants in the air that we all have to breathe, meaning cleaner, healthier air for present, and future communities.

Peter Blake, Transport Director at Greater Cambridge Partnership, said: “More than 80% of Nitrogen Oxides emitted in central Cambridge are from vehicles, and we are working with our partners on a range of measures to clean up our air, which will also help to improve our quality of life.”

With funding guaranteed for the installation of 21 chargers in total, Cambridge is well on its way to providing environmentally sustainable strategies for improved quality of life, for all its residents. Not only does the charger network allow for direct removal of emissions-based pollutants from the Cambridge city air, but with all Electric Blue chargers supplied by 100% renewable energy, emissions are not shifted further back down the supply chain, they are removed altogether.

Electric Blue, along with partner Ethex, are now offering you the opportunity to be involved with the Cambridge Charger Network by investing in our Innovative Finance ISA. In turn, you will be helping to secure clean air for generations to come. Visit Ethex, for more information on the Bond offer, and how to invest. Given the option, wouldn’t you choose electric?

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