Zero Emission last mile delivery service with e-Taxis and rapid chargers

Electric Blue are partnered with a consortium to bring you a last mile delivery service powered by electric vehicles (EVs) to Sunderland, helping reduce harmful exhaust emissions in built up residential areas.

Delivery As a Service to the High Street (DASH) is an initiative to introduce zero emission last mile delivery service and is being piloted by Sunderland City Council as an Innovate funded project run by Grid, Smarter Cities. Other members of the consortium are Gnewt Cargo, IBM and Hodos Media

Electric Blue will deliver the rapid charger infrastructure to support zero emission electric taxis (e-Taxis) and electric vans as well as support on provision and operation of EVs. The chargers will be powered with 100% renewable energy as are all Electric Blue chargers.

The priority is twofold, firstly to provide clients with click and collect and delivery services from small business in Sunderland starting with market traders. For example an office can order fresh produce the previous day to be delivered the next by one of the DASH electric vans or e-Taxis. Secondly HGV’s will stop outside the city zone and cross load goods into EV’s for the last mile, thereby reducing emissions into the city centre.

“We are delighted to be working with Grid to make sure this Smart City solution is also a zero emissions solution“”.
Paul Walsh (Sales and Marketing Director, Electric Blue)

Trials will start at the end of the summer and we are actively working with Sunderland City Council on how to support other EV projects.

“We are really excited about this project in my home city, which is demonstrating the benefit of not only using zero carbon vehicles to facilitate last mile deliveries, it is also creating the ability for local traders to opt-in to a home delivery service allowing them to have a digital presence across the city. It is important, as Grid showcases its simple smart solutions internationally, that technology can be an enabler for cities such as Sunderland benefiting traders, residents and the environment”.

Neil Herron (CEO & Founder, Grid)
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