Two weeks into an EVolve fleet analysis, Brighton and Hove Council can already see the benefits of switching to electric vehicles (EVs) in the future. Don’t believe us? Let’s see if the following statistics change your mind!

Key statistics so far:

  • Average number of days/shifts analysed : 16
  • Average daily fleet mileage : 708
  • Annualised savings for 16 vehicles : £ 19,435.74

The vehicles being analysed are a mixture of council fleet vehicles, and Hackney/PHV licensed vehicles. Whilst the financial benefits are clear, here at Electric Blue we are also passionate about ensuring that EV technology works for our partners, with minimal disruption to their daily practices. Using our feasibility analysis tool, we can see that out of 1,071 separate trips (recorded across all vehicles), only 8 trips would have required a top-up charge. With figures like these, surely we can start to dispel the myths that EVs just aren’t practical for daily usage? Additionally, using our heat-mapping service, the council can easily identify the most popular locations for installing EV chargers - ensuring drivers don’t even have to change their regular routes!

Perhaps even more importantly, using the emissions savings tool, we can demonstrate the direct impact on the quality of our air by switching to an EV fleet. With just 16 vehicles being changed to EVs, Brighton and Hove would be removing 13,436 kg of CO2 from the air (estimated annual figure). Surely, the residents of the city can breathe a (clean) sigh of relief with that number!

We are excited to be working in partnership with Brighton and Hove Council and look forward to interrogating the final results when the analysis period is complete.

Make sure to check back in to see the full impact EV technology could have on the future of clean air in Brighton and Hove.

Read more about our EVolve service here.

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