Voting with your wallet

It’s been an exciting year – more so if you like electric cars, but even if you are just a fan of clean air! And let’s face it, who isn’t?!

In July we saw the first official charge (don’t worry we did test it before we invited the Mayor down!) at a brand new Rapid Charger in St Albans.

This charger has been installed to support the introduction of electric vehicles into the local taxi fleet – and is powered by clean, green energy from the lovely folks at Good Energy!

I am sure that many of you are already aware of the benefits of electric vehicles - namely cleaner air and quieter streets.

You may also be aware that the taxi industry will particularly benefit from significantly lower operating costs (to the tune of £4.5k per year) in cheaper ‘fuel’ and maintenance, and improved reliability - not to mention they are lovely to drive!

Vote with your wallet for renewable electricity

Recent years have seen the rapid rise of the ethical consumer - one who is intimately aware of the impact of their purchases.

Every time we enter our pin number or hand over our hard earned cash is an opportunity to make a change. Our society is beginning to realise just how influential our purchasing power is, which has led to the rise of campaigns that actively support those companies and brands that seek to differentiate themselves on more than just price - they strive to ‘do something good, profitably’.

Our aim at Electric Blue is to provide people and businesses with an opportunity to participate and take ownership in improving their community, simply by changing what taxi they order.

To support this aim we have created The 2025 Campaign. Our vision is to fully decarbonise Hertfordshire’s (and beyond!) taxis inside ten years.

Working with Local Authorities, taxi drivers and fleets, businesses and the public we will achieve this ambitious goal. 

If you would like to take part then please do check out and see how you can make a difference.