Electric Blue supported by eVolt in Taxi Roll Out in Coventry

Electric Blue supported by eVolt in Taxi Roll Out in Coventry

Electric Blue in partnership with Coventry City Council has set up a trial for the city’s taxi drivers to rent a zero emission electric taxi (e-Taxi) whilst they consider the benefits of converting to an electric vehicle permanently. Alex Calnan Electric Blue’s CEO says that offering “try before you buy” is an exciting concept. “For many people driving an EV is too much of an unknown and in the taxi arena drivers often haven’t been in an EV and aren’t aware of the benefits and how feasible it is”

New Electric Car Chargers installed at Park and Ride Sites.

In partnership with Essex County Council, Electric Blue have commissioned four new charging points at Sandon and Chelmer Valley Park and Ride sites, to support the drive to cut emissions within the county.

Electric Blue installed the points at no cost to the taxpayer and are offering free charging as an introductory offer until Sunday 13th May 2018. After this time motorists are able to pay using a mobile app or an RFID (radio frequency ID) card.

Cllr Ian Grundy, the Cabinet Minister for Highways said: “This project comes at zero cost to taxpayers and replaces the two chargers installed in 2011 and so doubles the capacity at each site.”

Each point can charge two cars at a time meaning that four cars can be charged simultaneously at each site and should take about four hours to fully replenish the battery.

In line with our ethos at Electric Blue, there are no subscriptions, connection fees or minimum spends. Drivers pay around 25 pence or less per kWh, so for a 20 kWh battery it would cost £5 for a full charge resulting in a cost per mile of between 5p and 8p

Every charger installed by Electric Blue is powered by energy from 100% renewable sources.

Electric Blue CEO Alex Calnan says "We are pleased to be able to support Essex County Council in improving their EV charger at the Park and Ride facilities and look forward to playing a significant role in helping their residents improve air quality by converting to zero emission electric vehicles"

We will be carefully monitoring usage of the charging points and will invest in expanding the infrastructure once demand increases.


To access the chargers either order an RFID card or download the Electric Blue mobile app and start charging.


For more information visit: www.electricblueuk.com/essex

Voting with your wallet

It’s been an exciting year – more so if you like electric cars, but even if you are just a fan of clean air! And let’s face it, who isn’t?!

In July we saw the first official charge (don’t worry we did test it before we invited the Mayor down!) at a brand new Rapid Charger in St Albans.

This charger has been installed to support the introduction of electric vehicles into the local taxi fleet – and is powered by clean, green energy from the lovely folks at Good Energy!

I am sure that many of you are already aware of the benefits of electric vehicles - namely cleaner air and quieter streets.

You may also be aware that the taxi industry will particularly benefit from significantly lower operating costs (to the tune of £4.5k per year) in cheaper ‘fuel’ and maintenance, and improved reliability - not to mention they are lovely to drive!

Vote with your wallet for renewable electricity

Recent years have seen the rapid rise of the ethical consumer - one who is intimately aware of the impact of their purchases.

Every time we enter our pin number or hand over our hard earned cash is an opportunity to make a change. Our society is beginning to realise just how influential our purchasing power is, which has led to the rise of campaigns that actively support those companies and brands that seek to differentiate themselves on more than just price - they strive to ‘do something good, profitably’.

Our aim at Electric Blue is to provide people and businesses with an opportunity to participate and take ownership in improving their community, simply by changing what taxi they order.

To support this aim we have created The 2025 Campaign. Our vision is to fully decarbonise Hertfordshire’s (and beyond!) taxis inside ten years.

Working with Local Authorities, taxi drivers and fleets, businesses and the public we will achieve this ambitious goal. 

If you would like to take part then please do check out www.the2025campaign.co.uk and see how you can make a difference.

The #ElectricRevolution has begun!

Its been an exciting week for Electric Blue! You may have noticed a new addition to the line of taxis waiting at the ranks in Watford. This is because Electric Blue have now officially launched a new scheme to introduce electric vehicles into the local taxi fleet!

Director of Electric Blue, Alex Calnan, was joined by the Mayor of Watford, Dorothy Thornhill on Monday, who took the first ride in an Electric Blue taxi to the brand new Rapid Charger, located just off Beechen Grove near the Parade Shops.

Alex says "With support on the day from Nissan, EValu8 and Watford Borough Council, we have had an extremely positive response this week and already have a number of drivers lined up to trial the vehicle over the next couple of months...watch this space!"

Electric Blue has created a scheme allowing local drivers to trial an electric fully licensed taxi for a day, week or month. It's time to really put the vehicle through its paces! This means that your next taxi ride could be an emission free one!

As part of the project Electric Blue are installing a Rapid Charger Network across the town that will allow taxi drivers to recharge in just 25 minutes, which as the project develops, will open to the general public and provide vital inner city rapid charging. To complete the emission reduction circle Electric Blue will also power every charger with 100% clean, green renewable energy from Good Energy.

Electric Blue have partnered with Nissan to provide the first vehicles available for drivers to trial, which include the very popular Nissan Leaf. The range of vehicles will shortly grow to include larger 7 seaters and wheelchair accessible vehicles.  

Electric Blue will continue to work closely with Watford Borough Council, Nissan and EValu8 to develop the charging network and support those drivers wishing to upgrade to electric.

The full press release from Watford Council can be found here - http://www.watford.gov.uk/ccm/content/strategic-services/press-releases/2015-03/watford-goes-electric.en

To find out more about the Electric Blue project, or if you would like to see the introduction of electric taxis in your town or city then visit the Electric Blue website www.electricblueuk.com.

To keep up to date with all of the Electric Blue projects follow @ElectricBlueLtd


Myths About EVs: Range Anxiety

Range anxiety; sounds like something your doctor might diagnose you with. But it is in fact a common misconception most people have when discussing Electric Vehicles - just how far can you drive before you have to recharge?


To begin with, most modern electric vehicles offer around 80-100 miles of range. Of course, this does vary considerably with driving style, speed, weather conditions and vehicle maintenance. All of these factors also affect petrol and diesel drivers, but losing 30 miles due to inefficient driving is not as immediately apparent with a range of 300 miles or more. But is this smaller range really as big an issue as many are so quick to conclude? According to The National Travel Survey 95% of all journeys are 25 miles or less, which means that modern battery technology can already meet the overwhelming majority of demand.


When looking at the demand of the taxi industry, excluding airport transfers, the average daily range of a taxi driver is 50-150 miles. Aha! So EVs couldn’t cope as taxis! Wrong, most trips are only a few miles each and separated by frequent breaks. With the latest rapid charging technology, batteries can be recharged to 80% in just 20-25 minutes!


As the EV market grows it will stimulate the necessary Research and Development to improve the performance of today's batteries. There are already a number of exciting ventures, including an aluminium-air battery developed by Phinergy that achieved 1000 miles on a single charge! Another research team from Solid Energy have improved the design of the existing Lithium-ion battery, by doubling the energy density for 80% of the cost.


Although the switch to electrically powered driving does require some planning and additional infrastructure it is important to remember that the automotive and energy industry have only just begun to swing their weight behind this new technology. If you cast your minds, not very far, back to the 1980s, then the range of your car and where you would refuel it were genuine concerns. However, fast forward to present day and you will find most new petrol and diesel cars with a range of 300 miles or more and a petrol station on every street corner. That comfortable, carefree scenario is right around the corner for EVs…only you won’t be able to hear or smell it!


Image: http://insideevs.com/german-psychologist-says-range-anxiety-vanishes-after-3-months-of-driving-electric/


Myths about EVs: Moving Emissions Upstream

Myths about EVs: Moving Emissions Upstream

We all love a good myth. I’m sure many of us have been told ‘cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis’ or ‘going out with wet hair will cause you to catch a cold’. So it’s unsurprising that when I’ve come up against opposition, this is usually based on various myths. Since beginning this journey towards a zero emission taxi fleet I have had to become fairly adept at fielding questions about the suitability of electric vehicles. There are a number of questions that come up repeatedly so I thought I would share with you, my now well rehearsed answers. Over the coming weeks I will deal with the most common myths that I have come across about electric cars.