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We are pleased to announce the opening of our new fast chargers at Chelmer Valley and Sandon Park & Ride sites.

As we launch your new service, we are offering 

Free charging from 13th April 2018 for one month

No need for apps or RFID cards, just plug in and charge

Why are we giving away free charging? 

1. As part of of our commitment to ensuring that we offer an excellent service at a fair price, we are conducting analysis of usage patterns to evaluate our proposed tariffs

2. During the transition period from the previous provider, we want to ensure that our users have time to register for the new service

How long will the free service run for ?

The offer will run from Monday 13th April 2018 through to Sunday 13th May 2018

What happens after 13th May 2018 ?

From Monday 14th May 2018, to start a charge you will need a user account, and to identify yourself with one of the integrated smartphone apps or with an RFID card