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Whether your fleet is five or five hundred vehicles, we can work in partnership with you to bring electric vehicle (EV) technology into your driving force. EVs are an economical, environmental option for small and large businesses alike and we have the expertise to show you how they can work for you.

With the drive for clean air growing across the country, especially in urban areas, fleets with heavily polluting petrol or diesel vehicles are at risk of being cut off from their customers. That’s where EV technology can help you - not only by allowing you to continue your regular business practices, but by reducing your carbon footprint, and improving your green credentials - highly desirable attributes in increasingly competitive markets.

Read our case studies to see how we have worked with taxi fleets and last-mile delivery services.


Where one goes, another will follow. Will you get ahead of the curve today and make the transition to electric? EVs have a huge number of benefits - both financial and environmental - and Electric Blue will work with you to find strategies that fit your driving needs. As a business, transitioning to a zero emissions fleet is not only great for the planet and a positive draw for customers, but provides feasible financial benefits to your organisation. Will you spearhead the change and drive your business into the future?

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Innovative technology to meet your driving requirements.

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Providing the right chargers for the right location.

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Building partnerships for tailored strategy and future-proofed solutions.

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