Electrify Watford is a new, exciting campaign aimed at improving the quality of air that our community breathes, whilst demonstrating all the benefits of using Electric Vehicles.  We are working with Watford Borough Council on a Council-led initiative, inviting all local businesses and organisations to join us!  Together, let’s convert to Electric Taxis to improve the quality of Watford’s Air!

This Public and Corporate campaign will raise awareness for all aspects of the business and residential community about the benefits of using Electric Vehicles, and we aim to gain local support for having EV Taxi Fleets on your doorstep.

Our campaign is backed by relevant local organisations such as:

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Let’s Work Together on this Exciting Venture

 Did you know that converting to Electric Taxis will dramatically reduce the nitrous oxide from the air that we breathe… current conventional fuel, petrol or diesel, produce pollutants and harmful emissions into the air.  We are raising awareness and together we can improve air quality for our community – this will benefit everyone!
Given the option, would you book an electric taxi in preference to any other?

Calling all Watford Businesses…

  • Please demonstrate your support by providing us with your company logo
  • This endorsement will encourage other businesses to join in
  • We would also like you to extend this promotion through your own communications channels, please add our logo to your own web site. Click here to download our logo

Supporting Our Local Taxi Fleets

Business support gained will help us to convince the local taxi fleets about the benefits of converting to Electric Taxis, and reinforce what their Customers really want.   Local Taxi Drivers will have the opportunity to try out the new Electric Taxi called Dynamo, proudly launched with zero emissions!    

We will be creating a business case as to why they should ‘go EV’, including the financial savings of running an Electric Taxi. We aim to promote a pro-active, convincing case rather than rely on Government legislation enforcements at a later date.

Local Residents and for the Workplace

Our campaign will raise awareness and encourage everyone to book Electric Taxis and to travel via Electric.  This is an exciting time for the advancement of Electric Vehicles, UK-wide and our campaign launch in Watford is at the fore-front of several campaigns to be rolled out across the Home Counties very soon.


All we ask is that you, the passengers, give us your feedback and endorse the campaign through social media.
Tell us what you think.  Are you in favour of Clean Air in your Community? (LINKS) 

Given the option, would you book an electric taxi in preference to any other?


We will build a base of both business endorsers and taxi users who state a preference for electric taxis.  This support will then be used (in association with Watford Borough Council) to engage with the taxi community to demonstrate consumer demand, and ultimately to change behaviour patterns and encourage adoption of EVs as taxis.

Future Development
Watford is the first location to launch this exciting, new initiative in advance of a roll out to other major cities and towns in Hertfordshire and a wider roll out to a number of UK cities already invested in the promotion of EV taxis.

Did You Know…?

  • It will take London 5 days to breach its annual legal air pollution limit in 2017
  • The adverse impact on public health caused by pollution costs the UK economy MORE THAN £20bn a year
  • The UK is second (only behind Italy) in the league table of highest number of deaths from nitrogen dioxide pollution in Europe (the UK had 11,940 premature deaths from nitrogen dioxide)

Join Us – Let’s start the Electrify Watford Journey…

The objective of “Electrify Watford” is to contribute to the wider council-led initiative of improving the quality of air that our community breathes.

Our target is to reduce the levels of nitrous oxide from the roads of Watford via converting to Electric Taxis.  

We would welcome and value your support.

To see the latest on the Electrify Campaign take a look at our #ElectrifyRevolution

Who Are Electric Blue?
Electric Blue is a leading business in its field, that fully supports the conversion to Electric Vehicles in the UK.  Primarily, our aim is to provide information and advice to all businesses sectors, for converting specific vehicle groups (such as taxis), and fleets, to Electric Vehicles.  We are also a key developer in the building and management of EV Charging Networks within the UK.

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