Electric Blue, in partnership with Essex County Council have provided four charging points at Chelmer Valley Park & Ride, and Sandon Park & Ride (see map for locations).

As we launch your new service, we are offering free charging. No need for apps or RFID cards, just plug in and charge!

Why are we giving away free charging? 
1. As part of of our commitment to ensuring that we offer an excellent service at a fair price, we are conducting analysis of usage patterns to evaluate our proposed tariffs.
2. During the transition period from the previous provider, we want to ensure that our users have time to register for the new service.

How long will the free service run for ?
The offer will run from Monday 16th April 2018 through to our App release on Android and iOS platforms.

What happens after the Apps are released?
To start a charge you will need a user account, and to identify yourself with one of the integrated smartphone apps or with an RFID card (see below).

Each site has two charge points, and each charger can charge two cars simultaneously.

The chargers are 7kW Fast chargers, and will typically give an Electric Vehicle a full charge in around 4 hours. 

At Electric Blue, we think it's fair to pay for what you use, and only what you use, so we only charge you per kW.
No connection fees, no subscriptions, and no minimum spend. Simple.

To use, follow this link and sign up to use the Electric Blue charger network (we will send you an RFID card).

Once the chargers are integrated, you can also download a suitable App (iOS or Android) to use the charge points.

 iOS and Android Apps coming very soon...

iOS and Android Apps coming very soon...


Further information for drivers about charging and electric vehicle use in Essex, can be found by visiting the Essex County Council website

Electric Vehicle Charge Point Locations;

Chelmer Valley Park and Ride, Pratt's Farm Ln, Little Waltham, Chelmsford CM3 3PR

Sandon Park and Ride, Maldon Road, Sandon, Chelmsford CM2 7RU