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Clean Air in Coventry

Electric Blue (in partnership with Coventry city council) is seeking to improve the air quality in and around Coventry, especially by reducing vehicle emissions in the city centre (where people are most likely to be impacted by air pollution).

We need volunteer taxi drivers who are willing to have a telematics device simply plugged into their vehicle for an initial trial. The volunteers simply carry on driving exactly as they would normally until the trial period ends, when the telematics device will be removed.

Q: What’s in it for me?

A: In addition to helping achieve the goal of improving air quality, we can use the telematics data to produce you a drivers report that will look similar to this. This will show you useful information like distance traveled per day, estimate the cost associated with running your vehicle, and also show you potential savings you could make by driving an electric vehicle.

Q: Why do you want to track my vehicle?

A: Our goal is to help reduce harmful pollutants from Coventry city centre and the surrounding area. To do this, we firstly need to know where certain emissions are coming from. So, we need to look at your GPS and telemetry data, which helps us plot your routes and provides the status of your engine (when it is running). We will upload the information at regular intervals, but we will not be actively tracking you


Q: What data are you collecting?

We want to look at where your vehicle has been, how far your vehicle has travelled, your speed (you won’t be getting any speeding tickets from us!), and how long you are stationary. We can show you the information we have collected and the emissions you have produced if you would like.


Q: What are you going to do with my data?

All GPS and telemetry data is collected anonymously. It will only be used by us and our partners to look at your vehicle's usage pattern, to analyse the data, and to calculate vehicle emissions. We will not pass on your data to any other party, or use the data for any other purpose.

To take part, please download / read the consent form and return to us via this link, or send us an e-mail hi@electricblueuk.com to say you have read it, understood, and consent . We will then arrange for the device to be fitted to your vehicle at a time and place convenient for you.