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Hello EV Driver, thanks for stopping by! We don’t have any services that are directed towards individual drivers, but please do browse our tips below, which we hope you’ll find useful.

Some of the points will direct you to our industry friends whose work and services may be more relevant for your driving and charging needs, be it for your workplace, your home, or within your local area.

From us, thank you for being a #ClearAirHero. Your zero emission journeys are making a difference. Happy Charging!

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Empowering your low emissions journey

  • Find available charging options in your area or along your route - you can discover the Electric Blue charger network on Zap-Map, PlugShare and WattsUp.
  • Thinking about making the transition to electric, but not sure how you will charge? The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, and the Workplace Charger Scheme offer funding to cover part of the costs of installation, meaning you can charge your vehicle within the routine of your normal day.
  • Unable to make the switch? Make your next taxi journey an emissions free one! With an electric taxi, you can contribute to cleaner air and quieter streets the next time you need an airport transfer, or late-night pickup. Visit your local Electrify page, to discover the EV Champions near you!
  • Check out Air Quality News for all of the latest information on the UK’s air quality and emissions.

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