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Would a workplace charger convince you to go electric?

With numbers of Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the rise and a shortage of charging points across the UK, there is an increasing need for workplaces to lead by example and provide accessible charging facilities. Let us contact your employers to provide you with the ability to charge your car while you work.

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Public-use chargers in your area

You can find out about the location of chargers from your local authority website and many charger providers operate mobile apps with interactive maps to locate which chargers are available for your use.
You can also register to charge directly with Electric Blue. Download our app today.

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Supportive driver community platform to answer and share all of your EV and charging queries and experiences.

Pay as you go charging - only pay for what you use.

No connection fee | No subscription fee | No minimum spend

Electric Blue iOS and Android Apps are available from their respective App Store and Play Store. Just search for Electric Blue, download the App, and install like you would do for any other App.

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