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Short stay, long stay, staff parking, or public - we listen to your needs and help build your EV strategy. With our expertise, and continuing partnership, we will ensure that infrastructure is utilised without saturation, and considers future demand. Is it time for you to upgrade your car park and meet the progression of the EV market?

NHS Shared Business Services Framework

Charge point installation to electrify your car park: our services for electric vehicle chargepoint strategy, planning and implementation services are available via the NHS Shared Business Services Framework. This means that any NHS trust, clinical care group, emergency services, and public bodies such as housing associations, charities and social enterprises, can access our services and products through this framework.

You can access the full framework agreement information here, and get in touch with us today to see how the framework can work for you.


Electric Blue works with you to find a tailored solution - maximising your revenue, and increasing your customer satisfaction. With clean air zones being introduced, more drivers are making the switch to low emission vehicles - meaning more charging solutions are needed, combined with parking possibilities.

Read the case study here about how EV chargers improved Essex park and ride locations.

Journey to Electric with Electric Blue

We offer you a full fleet of services which can be tailored to take you on your journey to zero emissions.


Our consultation process means we listen to understand your needs.

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Use EVolve fleet analysis to prove the feasibility of EVs for your driving requirements.

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Strategy & Infrastructure

Build a tailored business model and explore practical charging solutions with our expertise.

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Right charger, right location. We handle all installation logistics.

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Engage with the local community to drive EV uptake and achieve your clean air goals.

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We ensure operational effectiveness, enabling growth in line with EV demand.

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Electric Blue designs and developments in EV technology.

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