Accelerate towards zero emissions business practices

Whether your business is within Hospitality or Recreation, Travel and Tourism, Logistics and Delivery, or you are an Educational Institution, our Ultra Low Emission (ULEV) solutions can be tailored to meet your business needs.

Why consider an environmental change?

All of these businesses, and more, are under increasing pressure to improve working practices; from government policies, local authority targets, and a customer base with a growing awareness of environmental issues. Businesses which demonstrate their commitment to working for the benefit of their local community hold a distinct advantage in an ever competitive market. Incorporating zero-emission technologies into business operations is a fantastic step to take in reducing emissions from transport, creating direct cost-benefits and improving your ‘green’ credentials. As a member of the business community, we all have a responsibility to work for the benefit of our environment, both local and global, to ensure the continuation of a sustainable future in years to come.

How might ULEV solutions work for your business?

Visitors / Customers car parking : with ULEV numbers on the rise, visitors to your site might be in need of charging facilities whilst they park. The offer of a convenient charging point might be the added bonus, and incentive, for potential customers.

Fleets / Company Cars / Grey Fleet : If you run costly fleet vehicles, or have high grey fleet costs, this may be an ideal opportunity to introduce ULEVs as a sustainable and manageable solution, either through pool cars, car clubs or leasing. With a fleet of vehicles, the benefits of ULEVs are both financial, and environmental. By undertaking our EVolve telematic analysis, you can see the direct cost-benefits of incorporating EVs into your fleet, and create a business case for making the transition. The expense per mile of a traditional combustion-engine vehicle is much higher than that of an ULEV, who offer fuel costs as low as 3 pence per mile. Reduced National Insurance Contributions, congestion charge, and electric company car tax, are further financial incentives which businesses and employers may reap, from adopting zero or low-emissions vehicles into their fleet and grey fleet.

Supply chain : When considering the environmental impact of your business, you may also examine those operations which fall outside of your business practices. For these, we offer a consultative service on how to engage with your own supply chain, and encourage the greater adoption of low or zero emission practices.

If you are interested to find out more, or curious to discover how our solutions may work for your business, get in touch with our team today.

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