Electric Blue: How it Began

Electric Blue began its life with a simple philosophy: “do good, profitably”. Whilst the drive to start up his own business had always been strong, and one with this ethos at its core, our founder Alex was undecided on which industry to tackle. In 2013, Alex stumbled into the taxi industry by chance, working for an eco-friendly taxi firm based in London. This sparked Alex’s interest in the possibility of electrifying taxi fleets across the country, and so, Electric Blue was born.

After an original plan of an electric-taxi company, Alex soon realised the bigger challenge that the electric vehicle (EV) market faces is the lack of suitable infrastructure, and user awareness. Thus, the aim of installing and operating electric charger networks, as well as engaging with fleet operators to help grow their EV understanding, became Electric Blue’s true goal. On realising that similar challenges faced by the taxi industry were present across all industries, Electric Blue has expanded to serve any and all fleets, powering positive change and driving clean air for the next generation.

“With interest in low emission vehicles growing across the country and the full spectrum of business sectors, we are excited at the opportunities this presents. The social and environmental impact of poor air quality attributed to transport emissions, especially within urban areas, are factors which drive the whole team and our work for a net zero emission future. With Electrify campaigns working successfully across the country, usage of our electric charger networks growing, and electric taxis hitting the roads in our Electrify Cities, I am even more passionate about bringing cleaner air to our communities, and creating healthier futures for all.”
Alex Calnan, CEO

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To install and operate a national vehicle charging network powered completely by renewable energy, in locations based on the deep understanding of operational profiles of taxis, delivery fleets and other high mileage vehicles.

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